The Machine rules

The world is shaken by chaos. The financial markets too.
We trust Artificial Intelligence to take investment decisions: the best way to face chaos is adapting dynamically to it.


Because humans are great for creation, faith and passion. But not for processing huge amounts of data or taking statistical decisions. However, the Machine is incorruptible, transparent and more cost-effective. It turns to discipline and objectivity instead of fear and ambition.

How we do it

By creating what you need: robust algorithmic asset management strategies. We make the most of Data Science, Machine Learning and the latest Technology to deliver an adaptative management focused on risk control. And, above all, building trust: when a client relies on us it is for the long run.

What we do

Our Asset Management Factory provides financial institutions with cutting-edge portfolio and risk management solutions. We don’t sell a particular product. We sell what we are: innovation, quality and trust. We build tailor-made strategies that suit specific goals. Not because we know better. Because we try harder.

The human factor

Of course, there is human stuff behind the Machine. Us. The passion, the wits, the guts, the feelings and the slip-ups are all ours.

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